MOI is a computer software to calculate the propagation of mutual optical intensity for partially coherent light through beamline developed by SSRF and APS. It's based on statistical optics. The partially coherent wavefront is described by mutual optical intensity. The propagation of mutual optical intensity through the beamline can be numerically calculated with Fresnel approximation. The mutual optical intensity consists of the full coherent information of the wavefront, including the intensity and the in-plane wave vector at any point, the coherent degree and statistical phase difference between any two points.

MOI is a free software. However, the authors retain the copyright to MOI. If the users are submitting articles to scientific journals with the results obtained by using MOI, please cite the references below.

  • OPTICS EXPRESS, 23 (2015) 29675
  • J. Synchrotron Rad. (2017). 24, 954-962
  • J. Synchrotron Rad. (2019). 26, 1198-1207
  • Operation requirements: Windows and Matlab Runtime 9.7


  • Contact Information

Authors: Yong Wang(1), Xiangyu Meng(1), Xianbo Shi(2), Junchao Ren(1), 
              Ruben Reininger(2), Lahsen Assoufid(2), Renzhong Tai(1)
              (1) Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility
              (2) Advanced Photon Source


MOI 1.2.3

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